What’s a Woojer?

Q: What’s a Woojer?

A: Woojer is a company that manufactures a strap and a vest that offers an immersive bass feeling that headphones alone just cannot deliver.  Not only are these amazing for music, but they also take gaming to a whole new level, where you can actually feel the punches and explosions.

Woojer Strap and Woojer Vest
Woojer Strap and Woojer Vest

There are two types of devices, the Woojer Strap, and the Woojer Vest.

The Woojer Strap is a single device, while multiple devices are embedded in the Vest version. They are Blue Tooth capable, or can connect via wire. There is also a headphone jack for headphones.

However, for a truly wireless experience, I highly recommend investing in a low cost Blue Tooth transmitter that can connect to two or more Blue Tooth devices. You will then be able to use wireless headphones, and a wireless Woojer giving you the freedom to move without any wires or cables.

Have you ever felt the punch and vibrations of bass like you’re in the front row of a concert, or on a packed dance floor in a trendy nightclub?

The sound so intense it makes your shirt vibrate and now you want to move. Now, you can have that feeling and experience music and gaming like you have never felt before with a Woojer!

Their website is at  Woojer.com

Until next time, keep dancing!




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