I love music. In fact, I built an entire career with it. But I left that entire club scene in 2004 to go on to do better things. Still, Music are intricate algorithms of sounds placed on a timeline with a time structure, in my opinion.  I have decided to re-write my website during the summer break while I was an undergrad.

This website started with a cleaning spree. I found boxes of old photographs, mix tapes, CD mixes, and a few videos as well. After watching a few videos and listening to a few old mixes I had made at the club, I figured this stuff needs to be in my time capsule. And, I’ve been meaning to make a time capsule website. But I also wanted to make a relevant site. Something with access, and member-only access to my favorite mixes and videos so I can listen to them at work, or share with my friends.

I managed to brush the dust off of different recording medium, obtain the necessary old school hardware to transfer all of this to digital, edit a few things, re-write a site, and revamp it to a time capsule from our awesome times.   Hooray! The time period for the archived pages and mixes in this time capsule covers 1984 until 2005. Remember all those mixed tapes and CD releases we made at the club? They’re all here. You’ll need to sign up to see those.

However, fresh jam content is always getting added, and you can catch my favorite new music picks right here!

I have always loved new music. The newer, the better. There is so much music, in every genre, that gets released daily. We are lucky that we get to experience only a tiny fraction of it. I still subscribe to EDM, progressive house, and dance music that gets released daily by some of my favorite record labels. And, I will drop a themed mix or two each month under the Posts section. It’s all brand new fresh electronic dance music released that month, no login required for that.

I hope you enjoy listening to these mixes as much as I enjoy making them.

Don’t ever stop dancing!

Tony A.