22 Trance-Dance

Since graduation, I’ve started catching up again with dance music.

It’s 2022 and radio still sucks. Auto tune still sucks.  I thought they would get over that repetitiveness by now.

I opted to watch a few  live shows and listen to a few albums from a few of my favorite dance music artists. Of course, Tiësto (Dutch DJ) inspired this list along the way, so you will hear a few of his beautiful tracks from the ISOS In Search of Sunrise series in here as well.

I put a bunch of my favorites together of what I caught up with so far.  These tracks sound big and full so we can dance if we want to while turned up a little.

Here is the playlist, a mix of trance and dance. I’d never thought I’d get into trance, but here we are.

I hope you enjoy the playlist as much as I do!




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